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In the Footsteps of my Forbears

In the Footsteps of my Forebears

Welcome to my World :  Genealogy is not all about how far back you can go (Pedigree) but the Relationships and Tales that emerge over generations, to bring History to Life;

Finally,I am keen to share here my evidence based findings on the life and times of some remarkable craftsmen and their womenfolk, not only with my own family (in UK, Canada and Taiwan)  but also with others searching  these Lines, or indeed anyone with an interest in the social and historic backdrop of craftsmen and farmers working particularly in Kent or Midlands, starting with:-

BLIGH:  The Coach-makers Tales ( of Kent & Birmingham)

MORRIS: The Jewellers and Silversmiths Tales  ( of Worcestershire and Birmingham)

BRADLEY: The Wheelwrights and Farmers Tales ( of Worcestershire and Warwickshire)

Also The BARRY: Farmers of Broomfield. (Midleton) Co. Cork.

Additional names include:  Adams  Bourne  Clarke  Field  Hardman  Hicken                Hills  Hyde (O’)Keefe  Lacy  Millett  Nott  Wheeler

If you like it, let me know. If you copy or use any of it elsewhere, please credit/cite this source. This site is linked to my Facebook Blog, Family History Reflections by Steph Kath which I use to review issues and topics related to my experiences and genealogy in general.

Remember! Family History is always a Work in Progress (WIP)